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  • Eligibility & Qualification
    Eligibility and qualification for contractual appointment
  • Contractual Appointment Applic
    Please download the application for contractual appointment
  • Registration of Suppliers
    Please download the attached format here.
  • Split-up Syllabus for Class XI
    Please download the split-up syllabus for 2016-17
  • Important Question for IP stud
    IP students are requested to download the study material. Its collection of important questions with answer
  • Notification for Contractual A
    Schedule for walk-in interview for contractual appointment
  • Shortlist of RTE Candidates
    Shortlisted RTE candidates for Admission to Class-I Session 2017-18
  • Shortlisted General List for A
    Shortlisted General List for Admission to Class-I (Session 2017-18)
  • SC-ST Shortlisted List
    SC/ST Shortlisted for admission to class-I

  • Vidyalaya has celebrated KVS Foundation Day on 15th Dec 2016.
  • Children's Day was celebrated on 14th Nov 2016.
  • Constitution Day was celebrated on 26th Nov 2016.
  • 68th Republic Day was celebrated on 26th Jan 2016 with full zeal and happiness.
  • Vasant Panchami and Saraswati Pooja was celebrated on 01/02/2017 at Vidyalaya Premises.
  • Thinking Day was celebrated on 23/02/2017 at Vidyalaya premises.
Principal's Message

Principal It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to KV No 2, Armapur Family.At this unique institution, we hone the academic skills, fine tune the aesthetic senses and work towards building a holistic culture that values the individuality of each child, helping them realize their innate potential. Children are encouraged to explore and revel in the joy of learning. Rote learning is discouraged and research based learning is the norm, where each child is guided through an individualized work plan in consonance with his/her potential, thereby providing a complete learning experience.we believe in openness of mind, dignity of conduct of mutual respect in the background of social, economic, cultural religious and linguistic diversity and develop a confident understanding of the role of a student in the international society.We believe that Education's purpose is to replace an empty mind with an open one. We are of the conviction that giving roots of values is significant so that our children remain firmly rooted to the ground. We give our students wings of ambition, so that they can soar like falcons to touch the skies and endeavor to make them global citizens who can look beyond geographical boundaries and promote a culture of peace and universal brotherhood.(Madan Mohan Katiyar)

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Latest News

  • *** for shortlisted candidates list please see Admission Notice ***
  • *** Admission under Special provisions would be “Off-line”. Contact Vidyalaya for Registration Form. ***
  • ***Registration for admission in Class-II onward will be 03 April to 10 April 2017.***