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    Candidates are invited for walking interview on 28.03.2016 from 10AM to 6PM for PGTs (Sociology), TGTs (Maths and Science), PRTs, Computer instructor, Spoken English Teacher, Games Coach, and Counselor
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    The following students are admitted provisionally class I for session 2016-17
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    The following students are admitted provisionally class I for session 2016-17
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    The following students are admitted provisionally class I for session 2016-17
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    Provisional Addmission Notice 2015-16
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CAREER OPPORTUNITIES IN SCIENCE DO YOU WANT TO PURSUE A CAREER IN SCIENCES You should have the following qualities if you want to pursue a career in sciences: Persistence • Curiosity • Precision • Intelligence • Objectivity • Honesty • Creativity • Ability to Influence Others • Problem-Solving • Competitiveness • Ability to Communicate What do scientists do?: Their work includes using various tools and machinery to perform experiments. Scientists may work indoors or outdoors depending on the field. For example, a geologist may work near the site of a dormant volcano, and a microbiologist may work in a special laboratory indoors. In high school, future scientists should take math, physical sciences, and English classes. Scientists communicate by publishing articles. One common goal of scientists is to contribute to the wealth of knowledge. When we mention the word scientist, we are referring to people working under the major heading of science. There are other scientist such as chefs, that employ science into their everyday life. Science generally consists of three major headings: biology , chemistry, and physics. In recent years, the lines among these heading have usually blurred creating interdisciplinary sciences such as biochemistry and biophysics. The scientific process consists of observing the physical world, formulating a hypothesis, interpret ing the results, forming a conclusion, and in some cases applying the end results. Biology includes a broad spectrum of subjects including identification and classification of living organisms, molecular events in cells, and the environment. Chemistry can be separated in five subdivisions: inorganic chemistry, biochemistry, organic chemistry, analytical chemistry, and physical chemistry. Inorganic chemistry look at all chemical elements except hydrocarbons, whereas organic chemists concentrate on mainly hydrocarbons. Analytical chemists identify substances and separate mixtures. Physical chemists deal with the structure and chemical nature of matter. Biochemists study chemical reactions and pathways in living organisms. Physics is divided between an experimental and theoretical areas. Interdisciplinary areas include biochemistry, biophysics, geochemistry, and astrochemistry. Other areas of science includes mathematics and computers. Most mathematicians generally work in schools, colleges and university. The few that work in industry work to problems using applied math and may placed on a team with engineers and scientists. Computer scientists works with computer technology in the form of computer programming, systems analysis, and developing computer networks. Scientist use the scientific method on a daily basis. It is a general guide for conducting science. The scientific method includes observation of a problem or feature, generalization, forming a hypothesis, performing an experiment, and developing a theory. At all of these steps, communication is vital. Communication can come in the form of papers, symposiums, and lectures. For scientists, publications and experience helps to build their reputation. It should be noted in some cases the reputation of a scientists who is continually publishing papers can have a greater reputation than the scientist who seldom publishes a paper. Presenting your work at scientific conferences and knowing that you are contributing to your field is what brings enjoyment to many scientists. The pure joy of making a scientific discovery or finding out something new is what drive many scientists. For others, it is knowing that their work will benefit others, save lives, or help the planet. A common goal for all scientists is to contribute to the existing knowledge base. Professional headings in science includes engineering and medicine. To enter medicine, specialized education is required after college, whereas engineers are constantly continuing their education to keep up with technology. Engineers general work in industry and government in agencies like NASA, defense, and transportation. Electrical engineers work in communication, storage of electronic data, and computers. Aerospace and Aeronautical engineers work in aircraft and spacecraft industries. Chemical engineers design and operate chemical plants and equipment. Civil engineers are involved in the construction of roads, bridges, and transportation areas. Some fields such as robotics combine science and engineering. General ly engineers are analytical and creative in nature, and are continually in education to keep with the latest technology. Careers in medicine include physicians, family doctors, surgeons, medical scientists, pediatricians, and radiologists. These doctors use their knowledge of medicine to provide an accurate diagnoses of their patients. Doctors generally are people who want to help others, solve problems, and lead a team.

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