Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangthan

Minimum Information Prescribed under the RTI Act, 2005
Updated as on 24:06:2019.

1. Organization and Function

S. No. Item Details of disclosure Remark / Reference Points

Particulars of its organisation, function and duties

[Section 4(1)(b)(i)]

(i) Name and address of the organization KENDRIYA VIDYALAYA NO-2 ARMAPUR, KALPI ROAD KANPUR (UP)
(ii) Head of the organision Mr. Madan Mohan Katiyar, Principal
(iii) Vision, Mission and Key objectives
(vi) Function and duties View
(v) Organization Chart
1.2 Power and duties of its officers and employees [Section 4(1)(b)(ii)] (i) Power and duties of officers (administrative, financial and judicial) View
(ii) Power and duties of other employees View
1.3 Procedure followed in decision making process [Section 4(1)(b)(iii)] (i) Process of decision making Identify key decision making points NA
(ii) Final decision making authority NA
(iii) Related provisions, acts, rules etc. NA
(vi) Time limit for talking a decisions, if any NA
(v) Channel of supervision and accountability NA
1.4 Norms for discharge of functions [Section 4(1)(b)(iv)] (i) Natural of function / services offered NA
(ii) Norms/ standard for functions/ services delivery NA
(iii) Process by which these services can be accessed NA
(vi) Time-limit for achieving the targets NA
(v) Process of redress of grievances NA

Rules, regulations, instructions manual and record for dischanging functions [Section 4(1)(b)(v)]

(i) Title and natural of the record/ manual / instruction. KVS Education Code & KVS Accounts Code
(ii) List of Rules, regulations ,instructions manuals and records View
(iii) Acts/ Rules, manuals etc. As per KVS Rules
(vi) Transfer policy and transfer orders

Categories of documents held by the authority under its control

[Section 4(1)(b)(vi)]

(i) Categories of documents NA

Boards, Councils, Committees and other Bodies constituted as part of the Public Authority

[Section 4(1)(b)(viii)]

(i) Name of boards, Council, Committee etc.
(ii) Composition All staff including Teaching and None Teaching
(iii) Dates from which constituted 01/04/2018
(vi) Term/ Tenure One Academic Year
(v) Powers and functions Assigned by Principal
(vi) Whether their meeting are open to the public? YES
(vii) Whether the minutes of the meeting are open to public ? YES
(viii) Place where the minutes if open to the public are available ? KV2 Armapur
1.8 Directory of officers and employees [Section 4(1)(b)(ix)] (i) Name and Designation
(ii) Telephone, fax and email ID

Monthly Remuneration received by officers & employees including system of compensation

[Section 4(1)(b)(x)]

(i) List of employees with gross Gross monthly remuneration View

Name, designation and other particulars

[Section 4(1)(b)(xvi)]

(i) Name and designation of the public information officer (PIO), Assistant Public Information (s) & Appellate Authority Mr. M.M. Katiyar, Principal
(ii) Address, telephone numbers and email ID od each designated official.
1.11 No. of employees against whom Disciplinary action has been proposed / taken [Section 4(2)] No. of employed against whom disciplinary action has been NA
(i) Pending for Minor penalty or major penalty proceedings Nil
(ii) Finalised for Minor penalty or major penalty proceedings Nil

Programmes to advance understanding of RTI

[Section 26]

(i) Educational programmers Speech at Morning Assembly
(ii) Efforts to encourage public authority to participate in these programmers Nukkad Naatak and Rallies
(iii) Training of CPIO/APIO Nil
(vi) Update & publish guidelines on RTI by the Public Authorities concerned Nil
1.13 Transfer policy and transfer orders [F No. 1/6/2011- IR dt.15.4.2013]


2. Budget and Programme

S. No. Item Details of disclosure Remark / Reference Points

Budget allocated to each agency including all plans, proposed expenditure and reports disbursenments made etc.

[Section 4(1)(b)(xi)]

(i) Total budget for the public authority testing
(ii) Budget for each agency and plans & programmes testing
(iii) Proposed expenditures testing
(vi) Revised budget for each agency, if any testing
(v) Reports on disbursements made and place where the related reports are available testing

Foreign and domestic tours

[ F No. 1/8/2012 - IR dt.11.9.2012 ]

(i) Budget NA

(ii) Foreign and domestic Tours by ministries and officials of the rank of Joint Secreatary to the Government and above, as well as the heads of the department.

a) Places visited

b) The period of visit

c) The number of members in the official delegation

d) Expenditure on the visit


(i) Information related to procurements

a) Notice / tender enquires, and corrigenda if any thereon,

b) Details of the bids awarded comprising the name of the suppliers of goods/ services being procured,

c) The works contracts concluding - in any such combination of the above - and

d) The rate /rates and the total amount at which such procurement or work conracts is to be executed.


3. Publicity Band Public interface

S. No. Item Details of disclosure Remark / Reference Points

Particulars for any arrangement for consultation with or representation by the members of the public in relation to the formultion of policy or implementation there of [Section 4(1)(b)(vii)]

[F No 1/6/2011 - IR dt. 15.04.2013]

Arrangement for consultations with or representation by the members of the public

(i) Relevant Acts, rules, Forms and other documentswhich are normally accessed by citizens


(ii) Arrangement for consultation with or representation by

a) Members of the public in policy formulation/ policy implementation

b) Day & time allotted for visitors

c) Contact details of Information & Facilitation Counter (IFC) to provide publications frequently sought by RTI applicants


Public- private partnerdhips (PPP)

(i) Details of Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV), If any

(ii) Detailed projects reports (DPRs) NA
(iii) Concession agreements NA
(iv) Operation and maintenance manuals NA
(v) Other documents generated as part of the implementation of the PPP NA
(vi) Information relating to fees, tolls, or the other kinds of revenues that may be collected under authorisation from the government NA
(vii) Information relating to output and outcomes testing
(viii) The process of the selection of the private sectors party ( concessionaire etc.) testing
(ix) All payment made under the PPP project testing

Are the details of policies / decisions, which affects public , informed to them

[ Section 4(1)(c) ]


Publish all relevant facts while formulating important policies or announcing decisions which affect public to make the process more interactiv;

(i) Policy decisions/ legislations taken in the previous one year

(ii) Outline the arrangement for consultation process testing
(iii) Outine the arrangement for consultation before formulation of policy testing

Dissemination of information widely and such form and manner which is easily accessible to the public

[ Section 4(3)]

Use of most effective means of communication

(i) Internet ( website )


Form of accessibility of information manual/ handbook

[Section 4(1)(b)]


Information manual/ handbook available in

(i) Electronics format


(ii) Printed format


Whether information manual/ handbook available free of cost or not

[Section 4(1)(b)]


List of materials available in

(i) Free of cost


(ii) At a reasonable cost of the medium


4. E. Governance

S. No. Item Details of disclosure Remark / Reference Points

Language in which Information Manual / Handbook Available

[F No 1/6/2011 - IR dt. 15.04.2013]

(i) English testing
(ii) Vernacular/ Local Languages testing

When was the information Manual / Handbook last updated ?

[F No 1/6/2011 - IR dt. 15.04.2013]

Last date of annual updation testing

Information available in electronic form

[Section 4(1)(b)(xiv)]

(i) Details of information available in electronic form testing
(ii) Name/ title of the document/ record/ other information testing
(iii) Location where available testing

Particulars of facilities available to citizen for obtaining information

[Section 4(1)(b)(xv)]

(i) Name & location of the faculty testing
(ii) Details of information made available testing
(iii) Working hour of the facility testing
(vi) Contact person & contact details ( Phone, Fax, email) testing

Such other information as may be prescribed under section 4(i)(b)(xvii)


(i) Grievance redressal mechanism testing
(ii) Details of applications received under RTI andinformation provided testing
(iii) List of completed schemes/ projects/ Programmes testing
(vi) List of schemes/ projects/ Programmes underway testing
(v) Details of all contracted entered into including name of the contracter, amount of contract and period of completion of contract testing
(vi) Annual Report testing
(vii) Frequently Asked Question (FAQs) testing

(viii) Any other information such as

a) Citizen's charter

b) Result Framework Document (RFD) testing
c) Six monthly reports on the testing
d) Performance against the benchmarks set in the Citisen's Charter testing

Receipt & Disposal of RTI applications & appeals

[F No 1/6/2011 - IR dt. 15.04.2013]

(i)Details of application received and disposed testing
(ii) Details of appeals received and disposed testing

Replies to questions asked in the parliament

[Section 4(1)(b)(viii)]

Details of questions asked and replies given testing

5. Information Disclosed on own initiative

S. No. Item Details of disclosure Remark / Reference Points

Item / information disclosed so that public have minimum resort to use the RTI Act to obtain information


Guidelines for Indian Goverment Website (GIGW) is followed [ released in February, 2009 and included in the Central Secretariat Manuals of Office Procedures (CSMOP) by Department of Administrative Reforms and Public Grievances, Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievance and Pensions, Govt. Of India ]

(i) Whether STQC certification obtained and its validity. testing
(ii) Does the website show the certificate on the website?

Frequently ask Question regarding the Admission in Vidyalaya

Q1. What’s the procedure of the admission in class Ist in KV ?
Ans: Kendriya Vidyalaya is mainly meant for the education of the children of transferable central Govt. employee. You should collect the registration form after paying Rs -100 From the concerned vidyalaya and submit the same within stipulated date.
Q2. When are the registration form sold?
Ans: The Registration forms are sold generally in the month of Feb Every year
Q3. What Should be the age of the child for seeking admission to class I ?
Ans: A Child must be the 5 year old on 31st march in which the admission is being sought for admission to class-I
Q4. Is there any test for the admission to class-1?
Ans: No, there is no any test for the admission to class-1.all application received would be divided into 7 categories in order of priority to the extent vacancies are available .Transfer Of parents during the last 7 years will be calculated for priority have been transferred more number of time would get precedence over children whose parent have been transferred less number of time.
Q5 What is the reservation of sc & st candidates?
Ans: 15% seats scheduled caste and 7.5% for st. would be reserved in all fresh admission.
Q6. What is the provision of single girl children ?
Ans: after admitting the candidates upto the full intake capacity as per norms, if there are single female children left among the unsuccessful applicant , upto two single female children may be admitted over & above the sanctioned intake in each section of class-1.
Q7. . What should be the enclosures in application form admission to class-1?
Ans: service certificate , residential certificate, birth certificate, (in case of sc/st) should be enclosed in the application form at the time of registration
Q8. What kind of birth certificate would be submitted for admission to class-1?
Ans: For class-I certificate of proof of age in the form of a birth certificate issued by the competent authority to register birth . this will include certificates from notified area council/ municipality municipal corporation, extract about the date of birth from record of village panchayat, military hospital and service record of defence perconnel .
Q9. Is there any quota of principal/ chairman VMC in admission ?
Ans: there in no any quota of the principal . but chairman VMC can recommend maximum two admission in concerned vidyalaya . these two admission may be recommended in one class or all class put together except class 10 & 12.


ANS The following priorities shall be followed in granting admissions:-

(1)Children of transferable Central Government employees including ex-servicemen.
(2)Children of non-transferable employees including ex-servicemen.
(3)Children of transferable & non-transferable employees of Autonomous bodies /Public sector undertaking/ institute of Higher learning of the Government of India.
(4)Children of transferable State Government employees.
(5)Children of non-transferable employees of State Government.
(6)Children of transferable & non-transferable employees of Autonomous Bodies/Public sector Undertaking/Institute of Higher learning of the State Governments.
(7)Children from any other category.
(1)Children & grand children of employees of the public sector undertaking/ institute of higher learning. Which finance the concerned KENDRIYA VIDYALAYAS fully;
(2)The priorities given for under Civil/ Defence sector will follow in the same sequence, thereafter.

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